My first writing

Hi Everybody,

I have decided to share my research with you about my topic which is a new vision of learning in Physical Education. I am a PE teacher and I have been confronted to various problems during my teaching sessions so that I have wondered how to help pupils to have a voice and be empowered at school while developing the 21st century skills. I want to focus on an authentic and meaningful learning using an innovative framework in Physical Education : the Activity Theory ( Engeström, 1987).

“Knowledge is considered the fruit of human activities or the artefacts and tools produced historically by human beings and then crystallized in social and cultural activities that form the backdrop in which any learning is developed”

Vygotsky, 1934

This is my first blog . I will post different items as I will conduct this research. The aim of the blog is to share with you and to grow with you. It is the reason why I call it an expanding blog : we will improve together, change the purpose, reflect on the subject and in the end grow on the topic.

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