Let’s talk about active theory and creative thinking in Physical Education

We are aware that our contemporary society has changed and moved toward new skills and literacy either in digital world or in education. If critical pedagogy ( Kirk, 2020) develops social justice and equity, this theory also tries to capture the instaneous information that you can collect, and helps pupils to select the good ones and to be critical ( Wright, 2004).

‘Living in such times has effects on how young people think about and do schooling’.

Wright, 2004.

My project ATCT PE encompasses this way to be a critical thinker but in an active and creative mode.

As Ken Robinson says ‘ do schools kill creativity?’ ( 2007), this postulate has led me to think about schooling and Physical Education. Why can’t we leave pupils to be the creators of their knowledge building ( Bereiter).

Imagine that you are climbing the North face of a hill without any equipment and that your goal is to succeed. You will never get your dream to be true.

I’m not here to claim for some magic matter but I want to introduce a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at the world, a new way to capture what happens around us.

Let’s go back to my example, you are the climber on the North face and you have a fabulous equipment: a climbing harness, ropes, and crampons.You are more likely to achieve the ascent, aren’t you ?

Imagine that the equipment is artefacts that help you to climb , they will help you to overcome some difficult situations: a slippery hold, a fragile rock… The equipment helps you to meet your goal.

My project ATCT PE is a project based on artefacts that you have to overcome and it stimulates new answers to the contradiction that you are confronted with. Indeed, in this case, the artefacts are visual material that pupils have to assemble into a code.

You will say coding ? How does it happen in PE ? Education and Physical Education have to update and to introduce digital modernity in a creative and active mode.

Huge numbers of STEAM lessons use computational thinking as a creative and problem solving tool. It is as if you have to make a salad listing different components to create it ( Caldwell & Smith).

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