Welcome on my Educational board !Here we speak about active theory and creative thinking in Physical Education . Fasten your belt, Imminent departure…

  • My first writing

    21 Nov 2019 by

    “Knowledge is considered the fruit of human activities or the artefacts and tools produced historically by human beings and then crystallized in social and cultural activities that form the backdrop in which any learning is developed” – Vygotsky, 1934 This is my first blog . I will post different items as I will conduct this… Read more

  • Is Physical Education only about cues and drills ?

    10 May 2023 by

    We can teach differently. “The teacher must adopt the role of facilitator not content provider.” Lev S. Vygotsky This morning when I went to school, I had settled my lesson: enter in the relay race activity introducing games like Happy Families. I asked each team to choose their family. My topic was based on health… Read more

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