More about me

I have been a PE Teacher in Secondary School for more than 10 years now. I have worked in different schools from “disadvantaged” ones to “classic” ones, if I can say so. Before being a PE teacher I have been a Personal Trainer and a Recreational Supervisor. Even if the positions I have had before being a PE teacher were very interesting and gave me a good feedback , I find that I have to share with children my vision and my passion of sport and physical education.

Recently I have decided to upgrade my career and to enroll in a PhD in Education.

The reasons that lead me to this decision were as follows :

  • Pupils are not enough interested in what they learn in school and are not really concerned by the content.
  • A lack of motivation is increasing during our lesson and we need to fix a new kind of teaching to give our pupils the power on what they learn.
  • Our profession is in evolution and even if teachers are devoted to their work they suffer from the task they have to complete: rules and regulation, less creativity in their work, a lack of consideration.
  • “PE teachers are lucky , aren’t they ? Every child likes to go in sport lessons”. This is the type of sentence that I’m used to hearing. Is this phrase a reality?

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